Course: Mod­ern Steels


  • Dr.-Ing. H.-G. Lambers
  • Dr.-Ing. M. Holzwei├čig

Learn­ing ob­ject­ives

  • The lecture aims to introduce the students to the wide field of modern steels and their production. Upon completion of the lecture, students will be able to select a suitable steel for a specific industrial requirement profile. To this end, starting from the basic mechanisms of metallic materials, the production and processing of steels will be discussed. Different steel grades - conventional as well as recent ones - will be introduced to the students.


  •     Fundamentals of steel development
  •     Steel production
  •     Steel casting
  •     Rolling and thermomechanical treatment
  •     Processing and heat treatment
  •     Unalloyed and microalloyed deep drawing steels
  •     High alloy steels
  •     Corrosion resistant steels
  •     High manganese steels


  • Block

In­form­a­tion and doc­u­ment­a­tion

  • All information and documents will be published this semester via Moodle ( Students who have registered in HIS by April 3, 2022 will receive the registration key for this course by mail on April 4, 2022.

This course will be held in Ger­man.