Course: Weld­ing Tech­no­logy 1


  • Dr.-Ing. Django Baunack

Learn­ing ob­ject­ives

  • Overview of the most important fusion and pressure welding processes and their special features and possible applications


  1. Basic remarks
  2. Fusion welding processes
    Overview, basic information about the welding process
    Cast welding
    Aluminothermic welding
    Gas fusion welding
    Arc welding:
    - Metal arc welding: e.g.: LBH
    - Submerged arc welding, UP
    - Gas-shielded welding, e.g. TIG; WP; MIG; MAG
    Electro gas welding
    Resistance fusion welding : Electro-slag welding
    Electron beam welding
    Laser beam welding
  3. Thermal cutting processes
    Separation by local melting
    Flame cutting
  4. Pressure welding processes
    Gas pressure welding
    Resistance pressure welding
    Flash butt welding
    Spot welding
    Projection welding
    Roll seam welding
    Arc pressure welding
    Friction welding
    Diffusion welding
    Ultrasonic welding
    Explosion welding
    Cold pressure welding
    Friction stir welding


  • On Tuesdays,4-6 pm, ZOOM

In­form­a­tion and doc­u­ment­a­tion

  • All information and documents will be published this semester via Moodle ( Students who have registered in HIS by April 3, 2022 will receive the registration key for this course by mail on April 4, 2022.

This course will be held in Ger­man.