Course: Welding Technology 2


  • Dr.-Ing. Django Baunack

Learning objectives and contents

  1. Overview of selected steels from the point of view of welding technology, selected general metallurgical issues.
    1.     General structural steels, microstructural zones after welding, hardness changes during welding, weldability of materials, weldability, weld safety, weldability
    2.     Weldable reinforcing steels
    3.     Fine-grained structural steels
    4.     Low alloy steels
    5.     High alloy steels
  2. Residual welding stresses and distortion
    1.     Origin of welding residual stresses
    2.     Effects of residual welding stresses
    3.     Welding-induced dimensional and shape changes
    4.     Preventive manufacturing and design measures against distortion or large residual welding stresses, welding sequence plan
    5.     Post-treatment procedures against distortion or large weld tensile residual stresses
  3. Static loading of welded joints
    1.     Nominal stress verification
    2.     Strength verification, permissible stresses
  4. Fatigue loading of welded joints
    1.     Typical fracture types
    2.     Fatigue strength of welded joints
    3.     Permissible stresses under fatigue loading
    4.     Design, strength and material influences on fatigue strength
    5.     Measures to improve the fatigue strength of welded joints


  • On Tuesdays, 2-4 pm, room 0306, Moritzstr. 25-31, Systembau 3

This course will be held in German.