Metallic Materials: Research Assistant

Artjom Bolender, M.Sc.

Institute of Materials Engineering
Metallic Materials
Moenchebergstr. 3
34125 Kassel

Phone: +49 561 804-7024
Fax: +49 561 804-3662
Room: 2111
Email: bolender[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Image: Bolender

Lifetime optimization through boundary layer residual stresses of hydrogen-loaded components in compressor technology for hydrogen filling (in cooperation with sera Hydrogen GmbH, funding project "HyFillCo" of the Hessen Agentur)


Vocational Training


  • Machinist for milling machine systems, BFHI, Frankenberg (Eder)



  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Mittelhessen of Applied Sciences
    Topic: "Investigation of different higher strength joining joints in car body materials with a tensile strength > 600 N/mm² on the quasi-static strength", Adam Opel AG in the GME Test Labs department, Rüsselsheim


  • Master in Mechanical Engineering, University of Kassel
    Topic: "Testing of data processing approaches to increase spatial and data resolution in X-ray diffraction", Institute of Materials Engineering, Metallic Materials.
  • By arrangement