Competence Laboratory

Competence Laboratory DFC-Lab

To support its work the department has installed the Competence Laboratory Digital Factory (DFC-Lab). The intention of this lab is the demonstration of modern processes of simulation and visualization to give users the chance to experience it. This comprises providing current modeling and simulation tools, which are already established in industry, as well as the installation of accordant presentation techniques and IT-infrastructures to take the opportunity of using 3-D-visualization.

The Competence Laboratory gives the opportunity to prepare students of industrial and mechanical engineering for the necessary knowledge of discipline, methods and IT as well as for working techniques to be applied within the context of today’s factory planning tasks in industry. Additionally, it gives them the chance to become involved in research tasks to enhance corresponding concepts. Thus, the DFC-Lab is the basis of exercises and practical training within optional courses and facilitates the dealing with methods and models of Digital Factory. Furthermore, the development of configurable digital prototypes of manufacturing as experiment scenarios enables the integration of utilizing the DFC-Lab in modern e-learning concepts.

Beside the utilization of the Competence Lab for training, this facility gives the technical and methodical condition to work in the cutting-edge research field Digital Factory.

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