We work and research...

… in the field of model-based evaluation and improvement of production and logistics concepts. Here, the range of our work outreaches classical factory planning. For example, we deal in topics like the application of networked simulation models in production planning or model-based analysis of logistics concepts for production processes utilising growing renewable resources. The current research activities of the department are mainly focused on:

  • Substantial elements of our research are the consideration of user requirements and the long-term cooperation with industrial business partners
  • Model-based analysis of logistics networks and supply chains
  • Process model and assistance functionality for collaborative planning, modelling and experimentation
  • Quality criteria for modelling and simulation
  • Efficiency and effectiveness analysis for method application
  • Modelling paradigm and concepts for interoperability
  • Individual solutions for specific lines of business and Digital Prototypes of Manufacturing

Substantial elements of our research are considering user requirements and long-term cooperation with industrial business partners.

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