Provision of consultancy services for the design and implementation of low/medium temperature solar thermal pilot plant integrated in the oil production

Short description

Within the second phase of this project (Solar Energy Pilot Project Implementation) it is aimed to realize a small scale (~500m2) solar thermal facility within a crude oil processing center.  The first part of this project is the construction and offline testing, providing confidence in system performance to the operators of the facility. Second is to integrate the solar system into the oil processing center, determine system performance, and identify ways to improve the overall integration for larger scale projects in the future. Also included in the second phase is an experiment to determine the effect of dust on solar collector performance, as this has already been shown to significantly decrease efficiency.  This experiment has been installed and is currently undergoing commissioning, with expected measurements to start in January 2015.   


08.2012 bis 05.2016


Supported by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research

Cooperation partner

  • Fachhochschule Hamm-Lippstadt (Prof. Olaf Goebel)