to the online presence of the DFG funded project of the University of Kassel "The Library of the Prince of Arolsen as a space of culture and knowledge from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries and its influence on the genesis, formation, and identity of the principality". The project was initiated in April 2009 and expired in August 2012. We invite you to explore with us the history of the Fürstlich Waldecksche Hofbibliothek (Princely Court Library Waldeck) in Arolsen (FWHB).

A look back in time is more than worthwhile: The diverse inventory of the FWHB contains about 35 000 volumes - all of them are historic sources and time witnesses. Works of visual art, engravings, and busts from Early Modern Times till the Age of Enlightenment are located next to library catalogues, last wills, and personal notes. Single pages with dedications and marks of usage, travel literature or the range of languages are remarkable among others. This complexity and the context of the collection which crosses geographical and cultural borders establishes the FWHB as a promising object of modern cultural and scholarly research.  Exciting questions come up on different and even interdisciplinary levels: literary history, cultural history, and art history as well as education and warfare are the focus of research among others.

Explore our digital library! There you will find the books of the FWHB. The database shall be an inspiring companion in text and pictures to examine the court library as a space of European culture and knowledge.

From media to warfare to collection of print graphics - join us on our exploration of the Fürstlich Waldecksche Hofbibiliothek. We are delighted about your interest in our fields of research.