Effrosyni Bakirtzi

PhD Project

Working Title
The right to work and the right to social security as social human rights in the light of the national and European crisis related austerity measures: a reinterpretation of the rights under way?

Prof. Dr. Stamatia Devetzi


Effrosyni Bakirtzi is Doctoral Fellow of the interdisciplinary Joint Graduate Research School on Social Human Rights since October 2016.

She has been working as legal researcher at the Department of Labour Law (Chair of Prof. Dr. Bernd Waas) of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt in Germany since 2013. She is involved in many projects of the Department of Labour Law, among which an international project on comparative labour law on the right to strike, the organisation and support of the European Labour Law Network activities and the project on a Restatement of Labour Law in Europe.
She was legal researcher at the K.U. Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven) in Belgium working for the European section of the Institute of Social Law, organized as the Research Unit on European Social Security (RUESS), and the European Institute of Social Security (EISS).

Mrs. Bakirtzi graduated as a lawyer from the Law School of the Faculty of Law, Economic and Political Sciences of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and then continued with postgraduate studies in International and European Law at the Department of International Studies of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has also studied at the Law School of the University of La Sapienza in Rome, Italy, the University of Johann Wolfgang Goethe in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and the University of Barcelona, Spain and she has completed a second LL.M. course of studies at the University of Johann Wolfgang Goethe in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. She has worked as a teaching and research assistant for several e-learning programs for undergraduate and post-graduate studies and she has practiced law in Greece. Her main research interests are international, European and comparative social security and labour law, EU internal market issues, international economic law, international private law, migration law and human rights law.

She is member of the Academic Network on the European Social Charter and Social Rights (ANESC), the Greek Association for Labour Law and Social Security Law and the Serres Bar Association.


Research Interests

European, international and comparative labour law, social security law and human rights law



Bakirtzi, E. & Tsifopoulou, E., Civil status certificates with foreign elements (Ληξιαρχικές πράξεις με στοιχείο αλλοδαπότητας κατά τη διοικητική και δικαστική πρακτική). Editor: Professor Zoe Papasiopi-Passia, Sakkoulas Publications, September 2009.

Bakirtzi, E., Pieters, D. & Schoukens, P., Case studies in merging the administrations of social security contribution and taxation, European Institute of Social Security (EISS), KULeuven, 2011.

Tsifopoulou, E. & Bakirtzi, E., Gender Relations and Third Country Nationals - Some thoughts from a Greek Perspective, in Petersen, Villaverde & Lund-Andersen(eds), Contemporary Gender Relations and Changes in Legal Cultures, Djof Publishing, Copenhagen, 2013.

Bakirtzi, E., Book Review Devetzi, S. & Stendahl, S. (eds), Social Security Reforms in Europe for Persons with Reduced Earnings Capacity, Hellenic Review of European Law, Issue 2, 2014 (in Greek).

Bakirtzi, E., The Right to Strike: Greece, in Waas, B. (ed.), The Right to Strike: A Comparative View, Kluwer Law International, 2014.

Bakirtzi, E., The Role of the German Co-determination (Mitbestimmung) in Balancing Interests at the Workplace, in Perulli, A. (ed.), L’idea di Diritto del Lavoro, Oggi, Wolters Kluwer CEDAM, 2016.

Bakirtzi., E., Labour market policies “in crisis”: the case of Greece, in Bazzani, T. & Singer, R. (eds), “Security” in the EU. An overview of the passive and active labour market policies in the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain and Greece, 2016 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Faculty of Law

Assistant editor of Waas, B. & Heerma van Voss, G., Restatement of Labour Law in Europe: Vol I: The Concept of Employee, Hart Publishing, 2017.

Bakirtzi, E., Book Review Jon Erik Dølvik and Andrew Martin (eds.), European Social Models from Crisis to Crisis, Employment and Inequality in the Era of Monetary Integration, European Journal of Social Security, Issue 1, 2018.


Conference Presentations

Participation as an invited speaker at the 2nd EMUNI Research Souk Multi-Conference, 'Living in a Multi-cultural society', Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Session, 14 June 2010. Subject of the presentation: 'Civil status certificates of immigrants in Greece'.

Participation as an invited speaker as the 12th IBM International Social Sector Forum "Moving forward in Social Security" that took place in Vienna in October 2010 presenting the research on the Merging the administrations of social security contribution and taxation.

Participation as an invited speaker at the Hugo Sinzheimer Institute Workshop (HSI Amsterdam & HSI Frankfurt) „Self-employment, atypical work and enforcement of labour conditions“ in Frankfurt (Germany), 26 March 2015.

Participation as an invited speaker at the Conference “The Idea of Labour Law Today In Commemoration of Professor Giorgio Ghezzi” Venice (Italy), 25-26 September 2015.

Poster presentation at the Thirteenth International Conference in commemoration of Prof. Marco Biagi in Modena (Italy) 19- 20 March 2015.

Presentation on the Recent developments in social rights protection in Greece within the economic adjustment programs at the10th Seminar for young researchers on “European Labour Law and Social Law” in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 11 - 13 May 2017.

Invited Speaker at the 16th Greek Conference of the Greek Association on Labour Law and Social Security Law “Digitalisation and Labour Law” in Tripoli (Greece), 7 October 2017.

Invitation to participate at the Graduate Workshop “Citizenship and Belonging in Europe – Historical and Contemporary Perspectives” organised by the German-Italian Center for European Excellence Villa Vigoni in cooperation with the Gerda Henkel Foundation in Como (Italy), 20-24 November 2017.

Poster presentation at the WSI-Herbstforum, Soziale Rechte in Europa: Ausbauen, stärken und durchsetzen (Social Rights in Europe: Expanding, strengthening and implementing social rights in Europe) in Berlin (Germany), 29-30 November 2017.


Effrosyni Bakirtzi
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