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Expert Dialogue on wastewater treatment processes of heavy metal contaminated water bodies of the city Mariupol and development of strategies/processes for the reduction of emissions from steel industry

funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.

Under the funding programme “Scientific and Technological Cooperation (WTZ) between Germany and the Ukraine”, the bilateral consortium successfully applied for funding of a joint cooperation project focussing on waste-water treatment polluted with heavy metals.

The project is coordinated by East-West-Science Centre (OWWZ) of Kassel University together with the Ukrainian partner from Priazovsky State Technical University (Mariupol). Experts from the Westphalian University, Kassel University, Duisburg-Essen University and the German Society for Membrane Technology e.V. along with specialists from the Mariupol City Council, Metinvest Group and the Mariupol Sea Port complete the project consortium. The diversity of stakeholders will ensure and support the progress and practicability of the approach.

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