Safe and Reliable Functional Technical Structures for the Demands of Tomorrow

The research fields set out on this website are based on a research alliance between the Universities of Paderborn and Kassel. The focal topics of this research alliance can be set out as follows in a number of theses:

  • Since products are becoming increasingly complex in terms of their functions, making it necessary to achieve greater level of functional integration in parts and materials, it is also essential for the process technologies to be in a position to fulfill these requirements. Process engineering and materials engineering must therefore move closer together in future than is currently the case. 
  • Process configuration and materials technology must increasingly assume a strategically forward-looking role.
  • One key prerequisite for process and material research is that questions of safety and reliability need to taken into consideration in several different ways for the full range of research activities. 

The central concepts of safety and reliability are observed in a multi-dimensional manner from the viewpoint of the working parties in question:

Dimension 1) Over the length of the technological process chain

  • From the concept phase right through to implementation, the product and the process are observed from the safety angle.
  • The keywords here are: process safety, reproducibility, error prediction/avoidance, service life analyses, etc.
  • Inclusion of these aspects in all material and process-engineering questions en route to implementation

Dimension 2) From the systemic viewpoint

  • Ecology:renewable raw materials, bio-materials, recycling, energy requirements for production/over the length of the process chain, safety of the raw materials used, during and after use 
  • Economics: sustainable availability of the raw materials used, product piracy, cost aspects (especially macro-economic too), safeguarding a business location
  • Society: acceptance of the materials and processes used in society, future requirements