Establishment of organised further training for teachers at universities

In cooperation with persons and institutions which are part of the second and third phases of further training for teachers, university members of Kassel University have organised further training events for teaching personnel for a long time. A bundling of the activities with targeted public relations has thus far not been implemented; neither has a conceptional advancement of the further training offer on basis of research results on the effectiveness of further training offers for teachers.

In the context of the sub-project, this deficit is supposed to be remedied through the development, implementation, evaluation and formal-structural establishment of a concept for organised further training for teachers at universities. It is also planned to incept and implement further training events which targetedly promote the knowledge transfer of the research results accumulated during the entire run of the PRONET project. These insights are thereby supposed to immediately flow into the work at schools and teacher’s training colleges.

Project managers

Prof. Dr. Frank Lipowsky
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Prof. Dr. Dorit Bosse
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Project realisation

Anna Benning
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