Courses for upper school students

Information Literacy

Are you preparing students in your upper school classes at the Gymnasium or a Fachoberschule for a university entrance qualification and would like support in teaching media and information skills? We offer courses to introduce you to the use of an academic library in virtual formats or in one of our training rooms.


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and arrange a customised training for your learning group.

Aim and result of the event

  • A first orientation in the library and its offers of use
  • Independent use of the KARLA catalogue portal
  • The independent use of e-books, e-journals and e-papers of the UB Kassel
  • The ability to search for literature on one's own questions in a goal-oriented and efficient manner
  • The ability to identify and cite trustworthy and academically accepted sources

Format of event

We adapt the search examples and the media presented individually to your subject and to the level of knowledge of your group. Our training team follows the method of problem-based learning: the students are given the opportunity to search for literature in small learning groups using practical tasks. During the subsequent plenum phase, the small groups present their results and share them with the others. The aim of the method is to share not only the successful results, but also the detours, the solutions that were not found, and to develop their own experiences and competences from this.