There is a diverse array of financial assistance opportunities for both students and graduates. Scholarships are not only for overachievers but are also available for those in a variety of situations, phases, and fields.
Scholarships can be helpful even outside of their financial side. Scholarships are useful for:
•    Building networks
•    Making your job application more attractive for future employers
The scholarship programs can be very diverse; from state programs with their assistance programs through their gifted programs to associations and companies. A good overview can be found in the stipends database of the "Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung".
There are many groups on the University of Kassel that are able to provide you with further information and assistance in finding the right scholarship for you.
For Questions About Studying Scholarships:
Studentenwerk Kassel - Stipendien und Stiftungen
Hochschulförderung der Uni Kassel

Tip: Even though the links are in German, feel free to contact the individuals with questions in English. They will be glad to provide you assistance in English.

Questions About PhD Scholarships:
The University of Kassel Graduate Academy. Especially the assistance for young scientists is interesting for those interested in their PhD, current PhD students, and Post-doctorate students as well.

Questions About Study Abroad Scholarships:
International Office
Especially interesting for study abroad programs: scholarship programs Shosta and Promos