As an official part of the University of Kassel, the Career Service is able to give out credits. The faculties and module examination regulations for specific majors (Modulprüfungordnungen) are individually responsible for the recognition of credits given out by the Career service in accordance to the ECTS framework.

Our workshops for Further Qualifications for Students of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Zusatzqualifikationen für geistes- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studierende) have an intensive practical portion compromising 60 working hours including the preparation work and post-workshop review.  With complete attendance and completion of the practical assessment, most likely in the form of an exam, the attendee will receive a certificate.  The certificate does not have a grade or credits, but can be handed in to the departments (Fachbereiche) for recognition. After receiving the certificate please contact your department.

For our other workshops and events offered, such as lectures and half-day workshops, we can unfortunately not give credits for participation. A certificate of participation is in this case available upon request.