Conference ‘Investing in people, by investing in higher education and skills in Africa’ held in Brussels

The European Commission and the African Union (AU) collaborate in the strategic partnership 'Investing in people – education, science, technology and skills development'. Together with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), NUFFIC (Dutch organization for internationalization in education), the British Council and Campus France, they organized a first joint conference on the topic ‘Investing in people, by investing in higher education and skills in Africa’ in Brussels on 25 October 2019.

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The event brought together experts from Africa and Europe exploring ways to increase collaboration and exchange among students and academics in Africa and the EU. Moreover, existing programs for developing and building synergies and new forms of collaboration were discussed. Many conference contributions highlighted the significance of education in bringing together people from different backgrounds and countries as well as the important role of young people in this process, especially girls and young women.
Various speakers also emphasized the need to focus programs and collaborative action on t
hose living in disadvantaged or vulnerable environments. The key objectives of cooperation in this area are to increase access to knowledge and skills; to link education closer to the development of employability skills and to ensure the quality of education.
Birgit Felmeden, executive manager of the ICDD, participated in the conference and presented the result of the collaboration project EANLAR (East African Network of Learning Administrators and Researchers), funded by the DAAD since 2013. EANLAR partners in East Africa will organize and administer the network from 2020 onwards.

Download here the EANLAR poster presented at the conference:


The STREAMING SERVICE OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION presents the opening session of the conference:


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