Climate Change and Renewable Energy in Zambia – The current situation

This talk will introduce you to the unprecedented consequences of climate change in Zambia. Changing weather conditions disrupt food production, damage infrastructures and threaten electricity supply. In this regard, Professor Prem Jain from the University of Zambia will introduce you to the current situation of the emerging solar energy sector in Zambia. Furthermore Dr. Suman Jain will talk about regional climate model simulation with regard to the agricultural sector in Zambia.

Main points of the talk:

Growth of Solar Energy Industry and Major Initiatives in Zambia
Professor Prem Jain (UNESCO Chair in Renewable Energy and Environment, Department of Physics, University of Zambia)

Projection of Cropping Season Indices of Extremes in Daily Rainfall and Temperature on Zambia at Global Warming Level of 1.50°C
Dr. Suman Jain (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Zambia)

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