Keynote Lecture: The Sustainable Development Agenda from a Social Work Perspective

Prof. Lynne Healy will be digital guest at the University of Kassel to give a lecture with the title "The Sustainable Development Agenda from a Social Work Perspective". She will focus on the development of the SDG-agenda at the United Nations.

Lynne Healy is representing the IASSW (International Association of Schools of Social Work) at the United Nations and has participated in the development process of the SDG agenda. As a scholar she has published many articles on International Social Work and served for many international journals in the editing boards. She has been part of many global outreach social work projects the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. 

Ute Clement, the vice president of the University of Kassel, will contextualize the lecture with some information about the transdisciplinary Center for Sustainable Transformation which is being established in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Unversity of Kassel.

You can participate at the lecture with this link:

The lecture is open for the public and you are very welcome to forward the link to other interested people!

The lecture is co-organized with the Social Work Training and Research Center at the University of the West Indies (Kingston, Jamaica).

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