Forschungskolloquium vom INCHER-Kassel: Research universities and the public good: Discovery for an uncertain future

Countering recent arguments that we should "unbundle" or "disrupt" higher education, I argue that US research universities are valuable gems that deserve support. While they are complex and costly, their enduring value is threefold: they simultaneously act as sources of new knowledge, anchors for regional and national communities, and hubs that connect disparate parts of society. These distinctive features allow them, more than any other institution, to innovate in response to new problems and opportunities.

Professor Jason Owen-Smith
Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, United States of America

Diese Veranstaltung findet voraussichtlich ausschließlich online – als ZOOM-Konferenz – statt. Sollte eine Hybrid-Veranstaltung (online und Präsenz) möglich sein, wird dies rechtzeitig mitgeteilt.

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