IN­CHER Brown-bag-lunch: How does ran­king af­fect re­se­ar­cher be­ha­vi­or? Evi­dence from eco­no­mics

Professor Dr. Guido Bünstorf (FB Wirtschaftswissenschaften und INCHER, Universität Kassel):

The proliferation of rankings based on quanitative output indicators is among the most substantial, and at the same time most controversially discussed, changes in how universities and individual researchers compete. However, empirical evidence about how rankings affect behavior is still scant, particularly at the level of individual researchers. In this talk, I will present findings from the FRONTAL project that studied the Handelsblatt ranking of German economists, an individual-level researcher ranking with highly visible outcomes. In the FRONTAL project, we explored repercussions of the Handelsblatt ranking on the recruitment of university researchers, authors' choice of publication outlets, as well as the prevalence of publication bias in empirical studies.

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