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On this page you will find information about Erasmus Without Paper, information about the login (Moveon), instructions for the release of Learning Agreements and much more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the International Office.

Erasmus Without Paper

The Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) project deals with the digitalization of existing administrative processes of the Erasmus program. The goal is the secure, simple, paperless and efficient exchange of data and information about the mobility of students, lecturers and staff between different universities. Step by step, various processes are being rethought and digitally implemented.

DAAD: State of play: Digitization of the Erasmus+ program

Each university participating in Erasmus organizes and manages all mobilities in a designated online database. Each university decides for itself which database to use. Via the Erasmus Without Paper network (EWP network) relevant data can be exchanged digitally with partner universities between the different databases.

At the University of Kassel, all information related to mobilities is managed in the MoveOn database, which is connected to the EWP network. All cooperation officers have been activated as users in the database. Just log in with your university account.

Database MoveOn

The digitization of existing processes will be implemented step by step. Starting with the winter semester 2022/23, the Learning Agreements will be completed digitally. In a first step, the creation of the Digital Learning Agreement (DiLA) by the outgoing students and the digital approval by the cooperation officers of the University of Kassel was introduced in mid-June 2022.

Upcoming steps will include the further digitization of processes such as the Transcript of Records and nominations. Information about this will be provided in due time.

Digital Learning Agreements

The Digital Learning Agreement (DiLA) includes all the achievements that the students would like to complete at the partner university and the equivalent courses that are to be credited at the University of Kassel. Thus, it contains all the information that was included in the old PDF Learning Agreement.

Students complete the Digital Learning Agreement in an online form and sign it with a mouse click. This makes the DiLA visible in the MoveOn database (see above) for the cooperation officers. There the information can be checked and approved by mouse click. With the approval of:the cooperation officer, the DiLA is shared with the partner university and approval is requested there. The data is exchanged via the EWP network.

If it is not possible to approve the DiLA completely due to technical difficulties on the part of the EWP network, the PDF version can currently still be accepted in individual cases. This can be generated directly from the database as soon as the students and cooperation officers of the University of Kassel have approved the information. In addition, some partner universities are not yet linked to the EWP network and the generation of the DiLA is not possible. Students affected by this are informed about this and fill in the PDF template from the beginning. Throughout the process, the MoveOn database sends automatic emails, which currently cannot be controlled or edited.

Submission of DiLAs for the 2023 summer semester: 15.12.2022


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