Be­fore ap­plic­a­tion

  1. 1.Accommodation

    • What else should I know? What else do I need to do?


    Looking for a place to study in  Germany does not come with any accommodation, i.e. you have to look for a room/accommodation at a very early stage.


  2. 2.Funding

    Quelle: Deutsches Studentenwerk, Servicestelle Interkulturelle Kompetenz


    Tuition fees (semester fees), insurance, accommodation, living expenses, fees -  studying is quite an expensive business.

    Helpful links:

    DAAD - Studium planen: Ausbildungs- und Lebenshaltungskosten

    DAAD Stipendiendatenbank

  3. 3.Visa

    • lnformation on the subject of visas is available here: Welcome Centre - Visum
    • Important: Make an appointment in good time at the embassy/foreigners' registration office of the city of Kassel.


  4. 4.Health insurance

    Health insurance is compulsory for everybody in Germany. You can find more information here: Health insurance

  5. 5.Studying with a family

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