1. 1.Degree

    Will my degree be recognised?

    If you would like to study with us, you will need a recognised school leaving certificate or, in the case of a master's degree, a university degree. Your nationality does not matter - your degree only has to be comparable to a German qualification.

  2. 2.Knowledge of German

    • How good does my knowledge of German have to be? The University of Kassel accepts the following German language certificates: Proof of German language skills
    • How good does my knowledge of English have to be? You can find out the required level in the admission requirements. The University of Kassel accepts the following English language certificates: Language certificates for a foreign language

    Depending on your university course, the language of instruction may be German, English or even  German and English. You have to prove your language skills by means of a language certificate when applying for a place at a university.

    My German language skills are inadequate. What can I do?

    Once you can prove that you have attended 600 or more hours of German lessons or have passed the B1 level exams, you can apply for a preparatory language course. This will prepare you for the DSH exam. You can take the exam once you have completed at least 1,000 hours of German lessons or have passed level C1 – this is possible at the University of Kassel too. Further information is available here: DSH examination at the University of Kassel.

  3. 3.Further requirements

    • l will find out about other admission requirements on the application and admission site of each program.

      For the link to the program's website please go to All study programs

Overview language certificates