Research Day 2023

Research Day

22 March 2023, Campus Center, HoPla

TimeEventFoyer Campus Center
11 - 11.45 am

In German:
Ins Ausland / Mobil sein
Infos und Erfahrungsberichte zu internationalen Netzwerken und Mobilität (auch mit Familie)

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  • Research Ethics
  • Research Data
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  • Equity


Poster exhibition

12 - 12.45 pm

In German:
Einblick in den Begutachtungsprozess der DFG
Erfahrungsberichte und Fragerunde mit Gutachter:innen, DFG-Fachkollegiat:innen und erfahrenen Antragstellenden

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1.30 - 2.30 pm

In German:
Gleichstellung und Diversität in Forschungsvorhaben
Infos und Fragerunde zu Diversität und Gleichstellung in Forschung und Anträgen

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Presentation slides [German, PDF]

2.45 - 3.45 pm

In German:
Forschungsdatenmanagement: Zwischen Mehrarbeit & Mehrwert

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4 - 5.15 pm

Networking event for (prospective) Junior Research Group Leaders
Networking and collegial exchange

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More information about the program

11.00 - 11.45 am Going abroad & being mobile [in German]

Making the research rounds? A(nother) stint abroad for research? In this roundtable, researchers share their experiences and tell of the challenges and chances involved in being mobile even with a family.

12.00 - 12.45 pm The DFG review process from the inside [in German]

What makes a good grant proposal? Experienced professors share impressions from their work as reviewers for proposals submitted to the DFG and other funders, along with advice on the DOs & DON’Ts when applying for grants.

1.30 - 2.30 pm Equity and diversity in research projects [in German]

Equity and diversity are garnering more and more interest in research contexts. This talk explains why that is and how to address these aspects in research projects from both vantage points: the researchers and their working conditions, as well as the research approach in itself.

Presentation slides [German, PDF]

2.45 - 3.45 pm Research Data Management [in German]

What are these data again? Where did I measure that? And when? Research data management aims at preventing precisely that – and at the same time creates yet more work. Experts from research and data management discuss why managing your data may be time well spent after all.

4.00 - 5.15 pm Networking event for (prospective) Junior Research Group Leaders [English and German]

Junior Research Groups – have you also been wondering how that works? Are you a postdoc and keen to learn about your options and what it takes? Then our cosy get together with more experienced researchers is for you: away from the hustle and bustle of the main floor, you’ll have the chance to network, ask questions and get advice for your plans alongside some coffee, tea, and cake.


Dr. Anna Bauer
Research Support