Statement on allegations against a lecturer

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Last week, allegations were made that a lecturer in political science had taken an inappropriate political stance in his lecture. Today (April 23, 2024), the university management has the following to say about this:

The lecturer is a substitute professor for "International Relations". The RCDS complaint was received by the university management last Thursday. Immediately afterwards, the university management began to clarify the facts of the case. The RCDS was aware of this.

As far as the university management is aware, the lecturer has generally opposed positions that can be assigned to an unconstitutional, right-wing extremist spectrum. According to the German constitution, lecturers are not allowed to remain neutral towards such positions.

As far as the university management is aware, no one has been expelled from the lecture. It is absolutely clear to the university that students are not excluded from courses because of their political views. Exceptions can only be made in absolutely extreme cases, for example in the case of anti-constitutional statements.

The university management considers the repeating of slogans to be problematic. The President made this clear in a personal conversation.


Update 24. 4:

The RCDS was informed by a university legal advisor that the recording and publication of video footage of courses is not legally permissible without the consent of the lecturer. It is the task of university management to ensure a legally secure framework that protects all participants in courses.

The university management is surprised that the RCDS interprets legal information as "pressure".