Statement on the anniversary of the attack on Ukraine (as of 2/2023).

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One Year of War - President's Appeal

Stay compassionate, stay helpful, stay hopeful - one year after Russia's attack on Ukraine, the university's president, Prof. Dr. Ute Clement, calls on people at the university, in Kassel and in Germany not to simply accept suffering.

"This Friday marks the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. In these 12 months, the spiral of violence kept turning. Many Ukrainian cities as well as infrastructure have been deliberately destroyed, homes and hospitals targeted - Putin is waging a ruthless war against civilians and the Ukrainian people. At the moment, it is impossible to see how those involved can escape the logic of escalating violence and stop the Russian attack. The plight of the people in the war zone is inconceivably great and the consequences of the war are also being felt in Germany, at least economically.

We help the displaced people in Germany, in Kassel and at the University of Kassel. We support them in obtaining safety, shelter, supplies, education and medical care. The support of students and employees for the refugees has been and continues to be enormous. For that, my heartfelt thanks.

Probably the most bitter thing about this anniversary is that we must fear that it will not be the last. There is a danger that we will become numb to the terrible news and television images. Therefore, my request for the University of Kassel on this day is: let us remain compassionate and sensitive towards the people at war, but also towards the victims of unjust regimes in other regions as well as the terrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey. Let us support the victims with actions, donations or even just with our thoughts. Let us stay with them! And let us not rob them and ourselves of hope - for peace in Europe and in the world."