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Lecture series: gendering sustainability_gender in socio-ecological transformation. Murat Sezi: On the relationship between humans and the environment in feminist utopia

The lecture series takes a look at the context of sustainability debates and the gender constructions and gender relations embedded in them on the basis of various specialist perspectives. Among other things, we will look at the relationship between production and reproduction and the relationship between gender and work. We will also look at the starting points of gender-oriented sustainability research, ecofeminism and environmental intersectional justice as well as what characterizes the "grammar of sustainability". The series will conclude with a panel discussion and a keynote speech by Christa Wichterich.


30.04 . Isabell Hensel: Gender in sustainability regulation (Comment: tba)

07. 05. Agnieszka Komorowska: Spatial bodies. Écocritique and gender discourses in French-language Caribbean literature. (Commentary: Elisabeth Tuider)

14.05. Lisa Carstensen: Sustainability is a lot of work. Why we need a feminist critique of work (Commentary: Isabell Hensel)

21. 05. Annegret Reese-Schnitker: Talking about God and sexualized violence in religious education two highlights on gender as an analytical category of religious education research (commentary: tba)

28.05. Mi You: How to make socially engaged art sustainable? (Comment: Alla Vronskaya)

04.06. Holden Härtl: Gender in language - Why grammar and sustainability are connected (Comment: Sandra Ohly)

11.06. Murat Sezi: On the relationship between humans and the environment in feminist utopia: history of ideas and case studies (commentary: Mechthild Bereswill)

18. 06. Gabu Heindl: A Room of Her* Own - Housing Equality in Times of Climate Crisis (commentary: tba)

25.06. Angela Francke: Cycling for all? Perspectives on gender and mobility (Comment: Gabu Heindl)

02.07. Kristina Dietz: Feminist Political Ecology - Starting Points for Gender-Oriented Sustainability Research (Comment: Liliana Gómez)

09. 07. Lecture and panel discussion: Christa Wichterich, Mieke Roscher, Sophie von Redecker, Andreas Braun (Moderation: Elisabeth Tuider)


IAG Women's and Gender Studies

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