The la­test Information from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Kassel on dea­ling with the co­ro­na­vi­rus

Sup­­­ple­­­ment to the hou­­­se ru­­­les of the Un­­i­­­ver­­­­­si­­­ty of Kassel - In­­­­­struc­­­ti­ons for spe­ci­al hy­gie­­­nic and pro­­­­­tec­­­ti­­ve me­a­­­su­­­res for pro-tec­­­ti­on against Co­vid 19

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The state government of Hesse has decided that mouth-nose protection will be mandatory in public transport, shops, banks and post offices from Monday, April 27th.


The Federal Centre for Health Education recommends that you should protect yourself from any infection involving the coronavirus just as you would with influenza and other respiratory sicknesses by keeping your distance from sick people (about 1 – 2 metres), practising good hand hygiene and acting correctly when coughing and sneezing. You should also not shake hands when you greet people until further notice. Please follow these top ten tips for hygiene

You will find detailed hygiene recommendations at:


Please stay at home if you develop serious symptoms of a cold and call in sick to your superior. If you have a temperature, a cough or suffer from any shortness of breath or have other relevant symptoms, we recommend that you first phone your family doctor or the emergency medical service on 116 117. The general labour law provisions apply to employees if they are sick and they will continue to be paid in the event of any illness. For details see below.



If you have any symptoms or other questions about your own health, please phone your family doctor or contact the emergency medical service on 116 117.

For the "Gesundheitsamt" please dial +49 561 787-1968 or +49 561 1003-1920.

Regarding hygiene and personal protection: the Federal Centre for Health Education provides fact sheets on important hygiene measures in German and English, which you can then download and print in A4 or A3 format:

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is continually examining the situation, assessing the risk for the population in Germany and provides answers to frequently asked questions:

The RKI also offers a risk assessment for events:

The latest information for the state of Hessen can be found on the Hesse Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration (HMSI) website:

The HMSI is also making available a telephone hotline on 0800 5554666 (Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.) for questions related to this sickness within the federal state.

For travellers: you can find the latest information for travellers on the German Foreign Ministry’s website:

As for the situation at the University of Kassel, you will find the latest information here or possibly on social media.

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