Statement on the withdrawal of an honorary doctorate (as of 7/2021)

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The Faculty Council of the Department of Human Sciences, as the responsible body, has unanimously decided to withdraw the honorary doctorate of the educationalist Prof. Dr. Hartmut von Hentig. This vote was unanimously confirmed by the Senate of the University of Kassel in its meeting on July 14, 2021. The decision was preceded by a thorough review process by the department's doctoral committee. Among other things, two expert opinions were obtained. The faculty came to the conclusion that the argument of Prof. Dr. Hartmut von Hentig in his work published in 2016 "Still my life: Memories and Comments from 2005 to 2015" with the events surrounding the abuse cases at the Odenwald School constitutes significant academic misconduct. 

The withdrawal can still be appealed. No further information can be provided on the ongoing proceedings. Hartmut von Hentig received an honorary doctorate from the then Department of Education/Human Sciences at the University of Kassel in 2004.