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In-service training for teachers: Nature of Science in physics education (NOS-ELCH)

The University of Kassel offers teachers the free opportunity to learn about the Nature of Science (NOS) from a subject-specific and didactic perspective and to discuss possible lesson implementations together. They will learn how their students can approach science and the professional field of natural scientists on the basis of current research: In laboratory tours, current research projects and areas of the Collaborative Research Center 1319 Extreme Light for the Analysis and Control of Molecular Chirality (ELCH) will first be presented. After a brief introduction to the Nature of Science topic, we will then explore the question of how students' understanding of science can be promoted in the classroom. 

The training is therefore a special opportunity to exchange ideas with other teachers, to receive teaching materials and suggestions for your own physics lessons and to discuss them together, to visit the research laboratories of the University of Kassel and to gain insights into modern technical and didactic research.

Registration is possible until 19.01.2024 on the following website:

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