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07/20/2022 | Campus News

With practice pitch, speed dating and matching boxes to sustainable MINT contacts

Innovative networking format for science and business at Science Park Kassel

Companies are desperately seeking skilled workers with STEM competencies (mathematics - computer science - natural sciences - technology). STEM students are looking for practical experience for their professional orientation and to consolidate their choice of studies. University and companies are looking for contacts to initiate joint research and third-party funded projects.

This is where the event format "MINT in the Park" comes in, which took place for the second time at the Science Park Kassel on 14/07/22. The aim of the networking event is to bring students and professors of STEM courses in contact with companies that offer suitable practical experience (internships, theses, working student jobs) and are interested in research collaborations on a sustainable basis and at eye level.

A total of 11 companies, 15 professors and about 70 students from the STEM departments of the University of Kassel (mathematics and natural sciences, civil and environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering/computer science) got involved in this novel event format.

In order to support networking between science and industry, MINT im Park uses innovative methods such as practical pitches, speed dating and matching boxes. The event kicked off with a so-called practice pitch. In 3-minute short presentations, the companies introduced themselves to the visitors on the stage of the IdeaLab. During the subsequent two-hour speed-dating session between groups of professors and students and the participating companies, topics could be explored in greater depth and questions could be asked. If visitors were interested in making contact, they could then drop their contact forms into the companies' so-called matching boxes (small cardboard mailboxes), find out about offers via the practice wall and make further contacts in a relaxed atmosphere at the come-together.

MINT in the Park was already held for the first time in 2019 as part of a cooperation between Science Park GmbH and the practice matching platform MINTERFACE of the University of Kassel and then could not take place due to pandemic. The organizer of the 2nd MINT in the Park event was the MINT Hub of the University of Kassel. The goal of the MINT Hub, which was newly founded at the beginning of 2022, is to bundle resources within the university, create synergies between the MINT departments, and network within and outside the university. 

"MINT in the Park" was successfully held for the second time in cooperation with Science Park Kassel. The 'matching' of students, professors and companies through this format, which really enables face-to-face contacts, is a very special event that contributes toSTEM promotion and the discovery of STEM talent!" said Prof. Dr. Rita Borromeo Ferri, spokesperson of the MINT Hub. "In the exchange at the get together, all participants agreed that we can only meet the current and future demand for STEM professionals and STEM innovations if we as science and industry pull together!", said Prof. Dr. Andreas Meister, who is also one of the initiators of the MINT Hub.

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