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05/22/2024 | Pressemitteilung

Free co-working spaces in the region to replace commuting to Kassel

Around 66,000 employees commute to the city of Kassel every day, quite a few of them by car. A project led by the University of Kassel is now testing whether some of this traffic can be replaced by decentralized co-working spaces in the surrounding area. There is an attractive and free offer for those interested.

A man works in the half-timbered workshop in Homberg/Efze. Image: University of Kassel.
A man works in the half-timbered workshop in Homberg/Efze.

Following satellite offices in Korbach, Neustadt, Homberg, Knüllwald and Bebra, another co-working space is opening in Wolfhagen next Friday under the name "Dorfschreyberey" in the old school in Leckringhausen. 12 workstations are available here, equipped with modern office equipment and fast Internet. Interested parties can work there "mobile" free of charge during a four-month test phase, naturally in coordination with the employer. This saves time, money and resources, protects the climate and enables networking with other employees. If the offer proves successful, the shared offices will be made permanent.

These offices will be combined with a car-sharing or bike-sharing service. "If you don't have to commute to a distant workplace every day, you can often do without your own car with car sharing," explains Project Leader Prof. Dr. Carsten Sommer from the University of Kassel. "This also makes co-working much more attractive financially."

Sommer and his Department of Transport Planning and Transport Systems have taken on the management of the project and its scientific evaluation. "We want to find out whether and how much traffic can be saved through such an offer," he says. The districts of Kassel, Waldeck-Frankenberg and Schwalm-Eder are involved, as well as other stakeholders from regional management and local LEADER groups, EcoLibro GmbH and the CoWorkLand cooperative. The university is also involved as an employer and enables its employees to participate if their work is suitable.

Andreas Siebert, District Administrator of the district of Kassel, said at the opening of the Dorfschreyberey in Wolfhagen: "The entire world of work is in a state of upheaval. Co-working spaces can be an interesting way of reconciling the different needs of employers and employees. This concept is an opportunity to show that such projects can also work in rural areas."

The MOSACA II project is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment. MOSACA stands for MObile working in satellite offices close to home in combination with CArsharing or sustainable transport services in northern Hesse.


The previous satellite offices:


Name Address




Nordwall 12
34497 Korbach


Coworking Neustadt

Marketplace 1
35279 Neustadt



Marketplace 9
34576 Homberg


Coworking Hundelshausen

Gartenstraße 4a

37215 Witzenhausen


Think tank

Im Blumenfeld 6
34593 Knüllwald



Bahnhofstraße 23
36179 Bebra


Neue Denkerei

Friedrichsstraße 28
34117 Kassel



Hugenottenstraße 14 34466 Wolfhagen-Leckringhausen