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05/28/2024 | Berichte aus den Bereichen

Studying in the happiest city in Germany

"The city has a high level of education, offers a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, and the quality of the environment is in the upper midfield" - this is how the Allensbach Institute explains the result of a study according to which personal satisfaction in Kassel is the highest of all major cities.

Image: Koss
The Hercules in Kassel's Bergpark. The abundance of greenery in the city is one of Kassel's greatest assets.

For the study, the institute surveyed more than 25,000 residents of Germany's 40 largest cities - and lo and behold, the people of Kassel are the happiest city dwellers in Germany. And the people of Kassel, of course. And the people of Kassel.

More than half of them (55.3 percent) say they are highly satisfied with their lives. The average for the 40 major cities is 41.8 percent. What is particularly striking is that just 3.5 percent of respondents from Kassel - i.e. only one in 29 - are dissatisfied with their lives. Remarkably little.

The happiness level of the residents is above the average for the federal state of Hesse and well above the national average, according to the survey. On average, they also report a significantly higher level of well-being than the inhabitants of surrounding regions such as Marburg, Fulda or Darmstadt, not to mention other cities.

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