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06/11/2024 | Campus-Meldung

University of Kassel in 2nd place in the adh education ranking 2023

General University Sports at the University of Kassel is pleased to announce that the University of Kassel has achieved 2nd place in the Education Ranking 2023 of the General German University Sports Association (adh). The educational ranking analyzes the frequency and quality of university educational and health events as well as the participation of university members.

Team of the General University Sports Kassel.

The University of Kassel achieved second place thanks to the successful implementation of the second module of the junior management seminar "Communicating effectively" and the high level of participation in adh educational events.

"Second place in the adh education ranking clearly shows that our efforts and our commitment to university sport are appreciated," says Dr. Tobias Heyer, Head of General University Sport at the University of Kassel. "We are particularly proud of the high level of participation in the educational programs that contribute to the personal and professional development of our employees."

The adh education ranking takes into account all adh member universities and divides them into two categories: Universities with more than 15,000 students and universities with fewer than 15,000 students. A graded points system is used to assess the frequency and quality of educational and health events.

A certain number of points can be achieved for each event held. The quality of implementation is determined by evaluating the feedback from participants. The questionnaires contain assessments of the content, organization and general conditions of the event. In the "Participation" category, 15 points are awarded per participant. The sum of the points achieved is then set in relation to the number of students at the university.



Dr. Tobias Heyer

Research assistant at the Institute of Sport and Sport Science

Phone: +49 561 804-5257