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07/03/2024 | Pressemitteilung

Assistance system for assembly tasks: CoARtec receives EXIST start-up grant

Since June 1, the founding team CoARtec (Collaborative Augmented Reality) has been supported in the implementation of an innovative business concept with funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy totaling 106,000 euros as part of the EXIST start-up grant.

Group pictureImage: Michelle Haupt.
Prof. Dr. Oliver Sträter (from left), Tushar Isamaliya and Johannes Pfleging.

CoARtec is a multi-module software application for AR-enabled devices that not only provides the user with information on the current task, but also recognizes which steps they are currently carrying out. With this unique selling point, the innovative assistance system not only sets completely new standards in quality assurance, but also enables new skilled workers to be trained completely independently. AR ( augmented reality) is the computer-aided enhancement of the perception of reality.

Dr. Johannes Pfleging, who holds a doctorate in engineering, and Prof. Dr. Oliver Sträter, Head of the Department of Work and Organizational Psychology (A&O), developed the CoARtec start-up idea together. Dr. Johannes Pfleging previously worked at the University of Kassel in the Department of Human-Machine Systems Engineering and subsequently at the Department of A&O, where he was able to gain experience and knowledge of AR from projects such as ZuKIPro, IntAKom and ErgoBest.

As part of these projects, which were funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, among others, the two scientists researched augmented reality-based assistance systems and their use in companies and were able to classify the weaknesses but also the potential of this technology very well. They also gained a wide range of practical experience with potential users and customers. The start-up idea was then further developed last year as part of funding from the Hessen Ideen-Stipendium (06-12/2023).

Tushar Isamaliya, a Master's student in Robotics and Automation at TU Dortmund University, will join the team for the twelve-month EXIST funding period. In addition to Pfleging and Ismaliya (and Prof. Sträter as mentor), a third team member with a commercial background is currently being sought. During the scholarship, the CoARtec prototype will be jointly tested, further developed and brought to market maturity as part of various pilot projects.

EXIST is a funding program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The aim is to improve the start-up climate at universities and non-university research institutions. It also aims to increase the number and success of technology-oriented and knowledge-based start-ups. To date, around 50 projects at the University of Kassel have already been supported by the EXIST funding program. The funding amount includes personnel, material and coaching resources.

The teams are supervised by the UniKasselTransfer Incubator, the University of Kassel's central start-up support service. The incubator accompanies young scientists, employees, students and alumni of the University of Kassel with a wide range of support services in the phase from brainstorming to founding.


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