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07/08/2024 | Pressemitteilung

"Everything different!?": New exhibition at UNI:Lokal deals with change in the region

The world around us is changing - heavy rainfall and hot summers in northern Hesse are having a noticeable local impact as natural resources become increasingly scarce. Saving electricity, cycling more and preparing for storms - will everything be different in the future? From July 9 to October 19, the new exhibition "Everything different? Paths to transformation" shows how people and institutions from Kassel are actively shaping change for a shared future. Visitors become active themselves and develop their vision of a North Hesse of the future or move the lever of transformation.

Image: Nico Wefers
Everything different? Entrance to the new exhibition of the SDG+ Lab.

Can we have a say in the direction we take? Where do we even want to go? Why should we - and others - get involved? And how can a transformation succeed? As part of the "Transformations in Energy and the Environment" theme year, the exhibition also looks at the work within the project. The future stores, which are supervised by the team of Prof. Dr. Heike Wetzel (Microeconomics and Empirical Energy Economics, University of Kassel), report from the city districts and take visitors to special places in their surroundings. The teams from the SDG+ Challenge will show how far their ideas for a small forest in the middle of the city, for example, have progressed and invite visitors to take part. Perspectives on the future of the entire North Hesse region will also be presented. Visitors can not only listen to the visions of individuals, but also design their own Kassel or North Hesse of the future.

Opening: Tuesday, July 9, from 7 p.m.


SDG+ Lab in the UNI:Lokal
Wilhelmsstraße 21
34117 Kassel

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 12-4pm

With the SDG+ Lab, UniKasselTransfer is developing a laboratory for sustainability issues as a platform for exchange between science, politics, business and civil society. Along the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, practical solutions and innovations for the North Hesse region will be jointly developed. The project is funded by the federal-state initiative "Innovative University" from 2023-2027.

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