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New on the Holländischer Platz campus: vending machine for organic foods

ince today (July 20), students, employees and guests of the University of Kassel can buy fresh organic food from a vending machine on campus. The "BioRegiomat" with products from the Frankenhausen domain and regional farmers is located on the Holländischer Platz campus next to the Cafeteria Pavilion.

Image: University of Kassel

The refrigerated vending machine contains eggs, cheese, sausage and other food. Payment is made with the Campuscard, which is available not only to all students and employees, but also to people outside the University of Kassel. The "BioRegiomat" is a project of the Ökolandbau Modellregion Nordhessen with the farm store of the Domäne Frankenhausen, the agricultural experimental and teaching farm of the University of Kassel. Also involved is the Studentenwerk Kassel, which stores the products, stocks the vending machine and handles the billing.

"In this joint project, organic farmers from the eco-model region, who also supply the Domäne Frankenhausen farm store with their regional produce, will supplement the range of products in the BioRegiomaten," explains Katharina Mittelstraß, manager of the Domäne Frankenhausen farm store. "Fresh daily and around the clock, students and university employees can obtain fresh eggs, various types of cheese, delicious North Hessian strack, grilled sausages made from 100 percent beef, lamb-beef chili bites and other delicacies at the BioRegiomat," explains Silke Flörke, coordinator of the Organic Farming Model Region of North Hesse. Payment is cashless with the Campuscard. "In the coming months, we will determine which products are particularly in demand. In this way, the range can be gradually adjusted so that the products in demand are then available in suitable quantities in the BioRegiomaten," says Flörke.

The idea of setting up a vending machine as an outpost of the farm store on the university campus could be realized thanks to the support of the company Biond, an organic caterer from Kassel. It provided the vending machine for the pilot project.

BioRegiomat location:
Campus Holländischer Platz, Diagonale
Next to the Cafeteria Pavilion (towards the Mensa).