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10/24/2017 | Pressemitteilung

New Grimm portal brings together North Hessian Grimm treasures digitally

Scholars and interested laypersons alike can now access the Grimm treasures of North Hesse centrally and online. The Grimm portal includes 2,380 letters, over 500 manuscripts and other documents.

Image: University of Kassel
Original Grimm manuscripts. Documents like these are now available digitally via the Grimm Portal.

The portal was presented today (October 24) at the University of Kassel. The launch of the new Grimm portal is a milestone for the cooperation between the Hessisches Staatsarchiv Marburg, the University Library Kassel and the City of Kassel, which has been in place since 2012. Whereas the digitized copies of the decentrally stored Grimm originals were previously just one among many collections in the relevant online archives, the Grimm Portal now offers a separate online platform for them.

With the now more than 54,000 digitized pages of the new portal, the conditions of use for searching for documents of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and for documents from their family environment have improved. The search for the Grimmiana from northern Hesse will be much more convenient thanks to the thematically structured environment , which was developed especially for the portal, and access to the digital copies it contains will be possible worldwide and free of charge.

The holdings brought together in the Grimm Portal now comprise 2,380 letters, well over 500 manuscripts and other documents, including business cards, pictures and essays as well as hand copies from the Grimm private library with handwritten annotations by the brothers. The portal will be gradually expanded over the next few years through the digitization of additional Grimmiana.

This step was preceded by two project phases lasting several years (2012-2015 and 2015-2017), in which the originals from the three institutions were digitized page by page by the University Library and prepared for searching by persons, titles, dates, signatures, etc., including annotations (for example, on existing notes or the condition of the original). All digital copies contained in the Grimm Portal are also accessible via the University of Kassel's online archive ORKA. The originals continue to be stored decentrally in the repositories of the owning Hessian institutions.

The selection and scientific evaluation of the holdings was carried out by the Kassel Endowed Professorship Work and Impact of the Brothers Grimm, which was established in 2012 and is the first in Germany  to be dedicated exclusively to the life and work of the two researchers.



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Image material:

Letters Wilhelm to Landgravine Auguste (StaMa) Letter 2727 : 12/6/1832, 1st page of letter:!image/1375784993221/1/

Letter 2728 : o. D., 1st page of letter:

Altdeutsche Wälder vol 2 340 Grimm no. L 393, o. pagination

Jacob Grimm to Paul Wigand, Marburg : 15.05.1802 (UB Kassel) Signatur: 2° Ms. hist. litt. 21[1: