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Summer Academy: War and Education

This event is held in German language

General information

STUBE Hessen regularly organizes weekend seminars and academies. All students from Africa, Asia and Latin America who are studying at a university in Hessen are welcome to participate in these events. Students from outside Hessen can find similar offers at the respective study support programs in other German states. The weekend seminars and academies want to offer the possibility of a professional exchange in order to be able to develop own topics and ideas in a South-South dialogue. They are interdisciplinary in nature, i.e. they are open to students of all disciplines.

Info about this event

The fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Goals deals with education. Even in armed conflicts, children should still be able to go to school safely. We address the promotion of primary, secondary and tertiary education during and after wars and conflict situations in the five-day academy.

Academy Program War and Education

Half-year program WiSe 2018

Register  (Registration deadline: Monday, September 10, 2018)

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