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Cosmic signals. Astronomical observations at the University of Kassel

The universe holds many secrets. Its actual size and extent, its mysterious origin and its future development lie hidden in darkness. Stars with planetary systems, such as that of our sun, are created in it and pass away, and so our own fate is closely interwoven with the fate of the stars. Deeper insights into the secrets of the universe lie hidden in the colors of starlight. State-of-the-art telescopes can register the tiniest light signals from the universe. With the help of suitable laboratory experiments - such as those carried out at the University of Kassel - the color information contained in starlight can then be decoded.

The lecture as part of the exhibition "Bernd Zimmer. Crystal World" provides an insight into laboratory astrophysics at the University of Kassel and uses simple examples to show what information is hidden in the light of the stars.

Thursdays with Prof. Dr. Thomas Giesen in the Neue Galerie
Admission: 6/4 euros incl. guide fee

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