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Lecture: "Völkische Siedler und ihre Netzwerke" (Ethnic Settlers and their Networks)

The event is part of the series "Heimat,Volk und Scholle - Rechts(d)ruck im ländlichen Raum".

Speaker: Andrea Röpke

Child care, organic farming, handicraft cooperations, traditional festivals and national villages. They present themselves as family-oriented and friendly in order to build trust.
Especially in sparsely populated areas, such as Mecklenburg or the Lüneburg Heath, ethnic settlements are emerging. The political goal is the creation of a
homogeneous ethnic community. The Völkische share their ideology with the influential "wing" of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Identitarian Movement (IB). For
its actions, the IB prefers to recruit the offspring of right-wing clans, because they were drilled in alliance or völkisch organizations and have a firm
political worldview.

Speaker Andrea Röpke is the leading German journalist on right-wing extremism. In the course of her research in the right-wing extremist scene, she was physically attacked several times
. She works for "Panorama," "Fakt" and "Spiegel TV," among others, and her texts are published in "Spiegel," "Süddeutsche Zeitung," "Focus" and "Stern." She has received numerous awards for her journalistic work.

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