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Workshop: Exam anxiety and exam preparation

Event as part of the lecture series: "Test anxiety - procrastination - stage fright".

- Optimal exam preparation and learning techniques
- Why memorization can cause exam anxiety.
- Quick interventions against blackout and other mental brake blocks.

Studying, writing exams, motivating yourself and giving presentations:

This concerns not only students, but also pupils and trainees. For five years now, the University of Kassel has been offering coaching for students specifically on difficulties in learning and performance situations (funded by the Teaching Quality Pact). To mark the occasion, the Center for Teacher Education at the University of Kassel will be hosting a public lecture series in early 2019 on exam anxiety, procrastination, and stage fright, featuring the best of five years of exam coaching. In addition to all students at the University of Kassel, students and their parents, (prospective) teachers, instructors and anyone who is currently facing difficult exams themselves or preparing others for exams are cordially invited.
The lectures are free of charge and without registration.
All lectures can also be viewed in a live stream. More information at:

Dr. Timo Nolle, educationalist, systemic therapist, research assistant at the University of Kassel and trainer at the Systemic Institute Mitte. He also runs a freelance practice for exam and performance coaching(, offers seminars nationwide and leads the advanced training PAC: Exam and Performance Coaching.

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