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Tour and expert talk: "Spring in the garden year".

Visitors will experience a "Spring Awakening with Young Vegetables" this morning in the Teaching and Learning Garden at the University of Kassel's tropical greenhouse in cooperation with Bistro Ringelnatz.

At the start of the gardening season, agricultural engineer and horticulturist Catherina Merx leads visitors to the beds with spring herbs such as Guter Heinrich and winter hedge onion. She shows vegetables that can already be harvested in spring. Among them are typical crops like various lettuces, but also unknowns like garden dock and spoonwort. There are also exciting things hiding under the ground: For example, some beets and tubers such as parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes and American earth pear overwinter in the ground, even becoming tastier with frost and can be harvested into spring.

Many of the herbs and vegetables featured are suitable for precultivation before summer vegetables, filling the supply gap from your own garden in the spring. In addition to growing tips for sowing and caring for the various species, practical examples will be used to demonstrate how to grow some vegetable crops. Among other things, guests may practice pricking seedlings of the Kasseler Strünkchen. Culinary delights will not be neglected this morning either: the tour will provide an insight into the use of some of the little-known herbs and vegetables.


Immediately afterwards, some of them can be tasted in a spring menu at Bistro Ringelnatz. This special lunch is garnished with suitable poems. The registration and payment for this runs separately over the Bistro Ringelnatz 05542-6199785.

Pre-registration please until Monday, 01.04.2019.


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