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CANCELLED Participation seminar: "Worldwide Roots

Attention: The­at­stal­tung "Welt­wei­te Wur­zeln", which should take place on Sep 16 and 17­tem­ber­fin­den­te, is cancelled!


Learning can be fun at any age - maybe we have found the right setting for it? We offer a seminar for people who would like to work with others, approach a topic with all their senses and exchange ideas. Our idea is to learn from and with each other and to become active in the process. We want to bridge the gap between everyday knowledge and research, art and history(s) and man and nature. During the breaks, we will relax with delicacies that match the theme.

Roots are mostly hidden in the earth, in the dark. We want to bring light into the darkness and dig for knowledge treasures. Under expert guidance, you will explore the "subterranean" treasures of the diverse "root" plants in the tropical greenhouse and in the teaching and learning garden.

Friday is all about roots worldwide. Botanically speaking, what are roots anyway, what do they do, and what's the difference between tubers, rhizomes, or turnips? We will be inspired by the diversity of underground "fruits" such as cassava, sweet potatoes or yucca, as well as by their countless preparation possibilities in different cultures. We will also trace the "roots" of the birth control pill in the tropics! Literary tastings and stories will then show us unknown aspects.
On Saturday we will deal with regional products in the cooking pot and the medicine cabinet. As a journey through time, we will discover the late summer teaching and learning garden, digging in and for known and unknown cultures from the oat root to the potato. How varieties feel or taste will remain hidden from us, as will the "hidden water" hidden in the fruits. We encounter stories about Frederick the Great and Van Gogh - they take us on a trip to important tubers! Underground, there are also many medicinal plant treasures to discover. We explore valerian root for serenity, horseradish for the respiratory tract, comfrey for the  bones and elecampane as an all-round healer. Then we will create a root artwork and fortify ourselves with "root food" during the breaks.

With the agrarian engineer Ines Fehrmann and the student Tony Lindenau.

Info: 05542-72812

Cost: 90€ incl. coffee breaks and material. Registration until September 5.

Ge­wächs­haus for tro­pi­sche Nutz­pflan­zen

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