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Lecture/tour/tasting: Beetroot - the vegetable of the year

As every year, the Tropical Greenhouse organizes a themed afternoon on the occasion of the vegetable of the year. We cordially invite you to learn a lot of new things about the vegetable of the year, the beet, on Sunday, October 1. Beet could also be called black beet, pink beet or orange beet - it comes in different colors and shapes, including spherical, conical and cylindrical. The taste also varies depending on the variety. Regardless of color and shape, it is a true superfood! Beet is rich in vitamins and minerals, strengthens the immune system and is considered a health food. As a concentrate, they are found in dietary supplements, as a colorant in strawberry ice cream and other foods, but also in lipsticks or pet food.

Their leaves, seeds and roots were collected and consumed as early as the Neolithic Age. You can buy beet leaves as "baby leaf" in the supermarket.
Its wild form can still be found along the coasts of Western Europe and the Mediterranean to Western Asia. Beet is related to sugar beet, spinach and garden alfalfa. The Romans are thought to have brought the plants into our gardens.

The Association for the Preservation of Crop Diversity (Verein zur Erhaltung der Nutzpflanzenvielfalt e.V. - VEN) is particularly interested in presenting the considerable diversity of varieties of known and unknown vegetables to a wider public. The VEN wants to contribute to the conservation and dissemination of varieties with special characteristics and proclaimed beet the vegetable of the years 2023/24. On Sunday, the preservation group of VEN will report on their experiences and the agricultural engineer and vegetable gardener Cathrin Merx will present the 18 varieties in the teaching and learning garden in a hands-on tour.  In a small tasting you will then learn to distinguish some beet varieties also culinary.

Admission 5€, students free. Registration until 27 September


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