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Advanced training for teachers: Contemporary action orientation with digital learning tasks

Enabling learners to freely apply lexical and regional knowledge in competence-oriented learning tasks adapted to the lifeworld of young people is challenging: successful learning tasks (tâches/tasks) are youth-oriented, competence-oriented, and collaborative, and the assistance offered in the preparatory sequence is motivating and well-dosed so that it neither under- nor over-challenges learners. Sounds challenging?
But what are contemporary learning tasks? Presenting a francophone country in an infographic, expressing one's own opinion on current social issues in a podcast, a cooperative school newspaper, or on a blog, sharing one's internship experiences in a collaborative e-book, uncovering the background of low youth voter turnout in an article, creating an informative online encyclopedia on Franco-German friendship, or an educational video on fake news.
In this training you will be introduced to contemporary digitally supported learning tasks and useful tools for their implementation. You will also learn how to develop learning tasks yourself and what role learning tasks play in times of digital transformation.

Direction: Prof. Dr. Claudia Schlaak (University of Kassel)
Speaker: Verena Plomer (senior teacher, author, trainer)

Registration deadline: 10.10.2023
Registration via website


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