Internal university funding programmes

Image: Paavo Blafield

The University of Kassel supports researchers and academics in attracting external funding for their research projects. The Research Support Office looks after the Central Research Fund (ZFF), which offers various funding opportunities, and coordinates the initial selection of projects for the LOEWE state programme.

The Central Research Fund (ZFF)

The Central Research Fund (German: Zentraler Forschungsfonds (ZFF) offers support for preparing a third-party funding proposal for all researchers at the University of Kassel and promotes collaborations between the faculties and the Kunsthochschule. The ZFF comprises seven funding lines with different priorities and target groups. Funded are for example individual projects by early career researchers, collaborative research initiatives and the exploration of innovative research ideas. Depending on the funding line, both material and personnel costs are financed. Several times a year, the Research Service organizes information events on the funding lines and the submission process. The ZFF replaces the university's previous funding programs under the Central Research Funding and the Future program lines.

The Central Research Fund (ZFF): Forward

LOEWE state programme

The state of Hesse supports excellent main research topics as part of the State Offensive to Develop Academic/Economic Excellence (LOEWE). The University of Kassel supports researchers and academics in their participation in the scheme and conducts an internal university selection procedure for this purpose.

LOEWE state programme: Forward

Expired Programmes

It is no longer possible to apply for the programme for on­go­ing pro­fi­le de­ve­lop­ment. However, you can still inform here about the projects funded until 2020.


It is no longer possible to submit applications for the central research funding in the format until 2020. The previous funding lines Project and KOOP have been transferred to the new Research Fund. However, you can still infom about the projects funded until 2020.