In­ternal uni­versity fund­ing pro­grammes

Image: Paavo Blafield

The University of Kassel supports researchers and academics in attracting external funding for their research projects. The Research Services Office looks after the Central Research Funding programme (ZFF), the “Future” and “Bridges” funding lines in the profile development funding programme and coordinates the initial selection of projects for the LOEWE state programme.

Pro­file de­vel­op­ment fund­ing pro­gramme

The programme for further profile development at the University of Kassel (2017-2022) supports the ongoing specialisation and profile development at the university in research and teaching. Applications can be made for the following programme funding lines in the field of research:

“Fu­ture” pro­gramme fund­ing line

The “Future” programme funding line supports the internal preparation work for major joint applications that can attract external support over a project period lasting many years.

“Future” programme funding line: Forward

“Bridges” pro­gramme fund­ing line

The “Bridges” funding line provides support for funding gaps in the run-up to probable joint projects or those that have already attracted outside support.

“Bridges” programme funding line: Forward

Cent­ral Re­search Fund­ing (ZFF)

The Central Research Funding scheme at the university supports the preparation of individual projects in specialist areas of study, cooperation projects with the Kunsthochschule and research partnerships to initiate new main research topics, in response to requests. The funds are allocated competitively; it is possible to apply for them up to twice a year.

Central Research Funding (ZFF): Forward

LOEWE state pro­gramme

The state of Hesse supports excellent main research topics as part of the State Offensive to Develop Academic/Economic Excellence (LOEWE). The University of Kassel supports researchers and academics in their participation in the scheme and conducts an internal university selection procedure for this purpose.

LOEWE state programme: Forward