Central Research Funding

Important information

Please note: It is no longer possible to apply for Central Research Funding. The program will be replaced by the Central Research Fund (ZFF) in 2021. On this page you will find information about the previous funding until 2020.

The research committee assessed the applications for Central Research Funding until 2020 and provided a recommendation for funding to the President’s cabinet.

Funding area



Individual projects from the faculties (ZFF-PROJEKT)

Until 2020 with deadline of 1 May and 1 November (twice a year, apply online in CONVERIS)*

Researchers and academics from the University of Kassel

Cooperation projects with the Kunsthochschule (ZFF-KOOP)

Until 2020 with deadline of 1 May (annually, apply online in CONVERIS)*

At least two researchers and academics/artists from the University of Kassel together. At least one of them must come from the Kunsthochschule and at least one person must come from a different faculty at the University of Kassel.

Main research areas (ZFF-FSP)

Until 2016 with deadline of on 1 May (was suspended for the years 2017 – 2020 according to decision P/860 by the President’s cabinet)*

Research partnerships

*) in line with the request for applications