Fund­ing pro­gramme for on­go­ing pro­file de­vel­op­ment 2017-2022

Im­port­ant in­form­a­tion

Please note: The "Future" program line was replaced by the Central Research Fund (ZFF) in 2021. Therefore, it is no longer possible to apply for this offer in the old format. In the area of graduate funding, it will be possible to submit an application in 2021 as part of a special call for proposals, to which we refer further. On this page you will find information about the previous funding until 2020.

The university supports targeted focus development in research and teaching. To this end, funds for various grants were made available between 2017 and 2022 in the programme for further profile development.

“Fu­ture” pro­gramme fund­ing line

The "future" programme funding line served to further develop the focus and profile of research at the University of Kassel.

“Es­tab­lish­ing PhD Pro­grammes” fund­ing line

The “Establishing PhD Programmes” funding line was used to support young academic researchers and is aimed at further developing doctorate degree environments towards becoming structured PhD programmes with cooperative doctoral support. Coherent specialist area consortiums with an innovative research topic within the spectrum of the university’s main research areas with the potential for permanent adoption, e.g. as a DFG PhD research group, are eligible for funding.

Pre­vi­ous Fund­ing

Year of applicationFunding periodTitle of the funded projectKoordinator*inDecisions by the Presidential Board
20162017-2020  Grundlagen für Kollaboratives Interaktives LernenProf. SickP/1082 - 10.03.17,
P/710 - 14.06.19
20162017-2021Phosphoregulation of biomolecules: from mechanisms to organisms PhoMOrgProf. SchaffrathP/1082 - 10.03.17,
P/710 - 14.06.19
20162017-2020Prozessintegrierte Herstellung tribologisch beanspruchter Oberflächen (PROTON)Prof. Brückner-Foit

P/1082 - 10.03.17,
P/710 - 14.06.19

P/208 - 30.10.2017

20162017-2020Shape Memory Alloys research for Technology of CONstruction (SMART CON)Prof. MiddendorfP/1082 - 10.03.17,
P/710 - 14.06.19
20162017-2023"Zurück in die Zukunft": Gesellschafts-und Zukunftskonzepte in historischer PerspektiveProf. TreppP/1082 - 10.03.17
P/381 - 13.04.2018
20162017-2019The Evolution of Cosmic Matter - From Molecules to Nano-GrainsProf. GiesenP/1082 - 10.03.17
20172018-2022Multifunctional Anisotropically Shaped Hybrid ParticlesProf. HillmerP/346 - 9.2.2018
20162017-2018SolarAutomotive - Regenerative Wärmeversorgung von ProduktionsprozessenProf. VajenP/1082 - 10.03.17
20172018-2021Textile Tektonik für den HolzbauProf. KlussmannP/335 - 9.2.2018
20172018-2022Rural-urban transformation processes in arid and semi-arid areas of the Mediterranean (go-PRIMA)Prof. WachendorfP/335 - 9.2.2018
20172018-2021LebensdauerProf. HeimP/335 - 9.2.2018
20172018-2022Entwicklung eines theoretisch fundierten empirischen Forschungsansatzes zum Zusammenhang von Studienfachwahl und Geschlechterzuschreibungen  [UPdATE]Prof. BereswillP/335 - 9.2.2018
20172018-2021Analyse und Gestaltung von Social Machines [AG SoMa]Prof. StummeP/335 - 9.2.2018
20172018-2021Neue Suburbanität? – Widersprüchliche Diskurse und Praktiken einer StadterweiterungspolitikProf. AltrockP/353 - 9.3.2018
20182019-2023Kontrastieren und Vergleichen in der Lehramtsausbildung (KoVeLa)Prof. EichlerP/628 - 15.02.2019
20182019-2022Zusammenhang zwischen umweltrelevantem Verhalten und der Entwicklung von Werten und  Normen (ZumWert)Prof. ZieglerP/628 - 15.02.2019
20182019-2022Digitalisierung in der Werkstofftechnik (DigiWerk)Prof. NiendorfP/628 - 15.02.2019

* Please find decisions by the Presidential Board here.